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April 2020
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Revitalize Me IV Vitamin Bar

Revitalize Me IV Vitamin Bar provides IV Vitamin infusion in the lounge and at your home allowing you to feel and look your absolute best. The key vitamins and nutrients in our customized IV blends and IM injections are tailored to support overall wellness and optimal Health.

Revitalize Me IV Vitamin Bar

Our experience staff is here to administer a medical cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants to rid your hangover, flu, nausea, stomach bug, and etc. We have expertly developed IV hydration formulas for you every need. Whether you are looking for an immune boost or to recover from a late night, we’ve got you covered.
Here are some of the benefits that our different IV infusions packages can provide:

Boost Energy
Power up your Immune System
Potent Detoxification
Anti- Aging
Glowing Hydrated Skin

Reduce Stress
Increase Joint Strength and Mobility
Boost Metabolism and Slim Down
Athletic Performance and Fast Recovery

Memberships Available

Monthly membership rate of $50 include: One $99 IV drip each month * 20% off all subsequent IV drips, Boosters, & Shots One free B-12 shot a month 10% off wellness products 15% off for friends & family with a Membership Complementary birthday IV drip* Beauty , Brain, Athletic Recovery, and Skinny Drip are not eligible for $99 monthly IV Drip or Complementary Birthday IV Drip; however, a 20% discount for those drips will be applied for members. 3 month membership commitment required.



Membership and Non Membership Prices

Booster Shots

Membership and Non Membership Prices

Elevate your spirit and improve your mindset


Bachelorette Party

Special Events

Private Parties

We have a range of group packages available for parties over 6 people. For information please email us

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